Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome peas!!

Happy Earth Day!!
(it is today, right?)
On your day mother earth, I present you with... itty bitty baby peas!

Hewo widdle peas!! You're so cute, yes you are! Grow big and strong for mommy ok?
I'm sorry, I'm typing this as I watch American Idol, and seriously? Could Ryan Seacrest be more awkward? He's pretty much the worst deliverer of bad news ever.
Anyway, I lost my train of thought. Was it something about babies perhaps? Hey speaking of babies, let's talk about MY baby and how weird pregnancy is. I never tire of comparing it to a total body alien invasion and/or parasite. A parasite that's making me fatter instead of skinny.
I have totally been able to feel the baby move which has been awesome and super comforting, but wow. It's already stronger than I thought it would be and I'm thinking if it's kicking me this much now... how the heck is it gonna feel in four months!?
And another thing. Sometimes it freaks me out thinking of a little person inside my body. I don't know what gender I've got in there yet but I get slightly more freaked out when I think of it being a boy for some reason. What if I have a tiny naked squirmy little boy living inside me? Does that not seem weird to anyone else?
Oh, and speaking of naked... I've always thought pregnant people were so cute and adorable with their little bellies and all. But it seems like whenever you tell a pregnant person that they are so cute, they sort of give you a little laugh and a look like, "yeah sure, I only weigh 30 lbs more than I ever have IN MY LIFE." (I have not gained that much weight yet by the way) And I never understood why they wouldn't feel super adorable.
Well now I know. It's because they see themselves in the buff.
And now I don't think pregnancy is quite as cute.
But alas, it is a beautiful thing and I love my little nugget, boy or girl.
Oh speaking of boy or girl, I have my ultrasound on May 5th! In less than 2 weeks I shall know what I'm having! Assuming the little one decides to cooperate of course. I should put a poll on my sidebar... Yes. I think I will do that.
Go vote friends! Predict my baby's gender. Maybe your vote will change the inevitable outcome. Seems almost as probable as when you vote for president huh?
What? Ok, it's clearly time for me to go to bed.


  1. Lol. You crack me up!!And I agree with everything you said. Pregnancy is kinda weird. And Ryan Seacrest is awkward. Ever notice how the word awkward is...awkward? Okay, well have a happy day. Grow widdle peas, grow!

  2. OK, I just have to tell you that I LOVE the way you write! You have such an awesome sense of voice. (Pardon me, I just got out of a Teaching Writing class.) By the way, what was your major in college anyway? :) The point of this comment is that I really enjoy reading your posts. :)

  3. I can totally relate to what you are feeling. I, however, loved my pregnancy. I didn't think I was cute either....after gaining 60lbs with Caleb I don't think I will EVER be cute again, but it was all worth it. It is a little strange though when you deliver and they place the baby on your stomach and you think, "WHAT, that THING was inside me?!?!?" It is a crazy thought but a beautiful thing. You look so great though Mari!! You are a cute prego momma! :)
    Take care!

  4. I'm jealous that you can feel the baby and I still havent. But I am excited that my ultrasound is the day after yours. I think were both having girls!
    Hope you're feeling well

  5. Congrats on the peas coming up. That is very exciting! And I had those moments too when I was pregnant where I would think how crazy that is to have this little person living inside of you. It is pretty crazy and amazing isn't it? Can't wait to hear what you are having!

  6. I think it is a is all in the way you are carrying the little munchkin and you are high! Anyway...congratulations on your new little peas!

  7. When I found out I was pregnant with Brooke, I felt EXACTLY the same way about an alien invading my body. Growing a body in my body was a really weird idea to get used to once it was actually happening!

  8. i laugh about your "in the buff" comments. i remember at the end with reggie thinking that i couldn't even remember what i looked like without this huge baby inside of me. and then it's depressing when you come home from the hospital and get in the shower and still look 5 months preggo.

    and i would sometimes creep myself out thinking there was a boy growing in me. totally normal reaction in my opinion.

  9. It's gonna be a boy... a little birdie told me so. hehe...

    birdie...boy...boys have birdies. k, i'm done.

  10. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! in the buff. so TRUE.
    this also applies to post baby. any time that anyone told me that i looked great, during like the first 5 months of post baby, i would say "thank you, but you say that simply because you don't see me naked" or bra-less for that matter...
    it's always adorable when it's not you:)
    you are hilarious my friend.

  11. ps what if it's not a boy or a girl but an alien.... he he heh.

  12. Hey Mari!!

    I planted peas too!! Congratulations on the baby!! That's so exciting. This is Ashley's little sis btw (just in case you didn't remember =) ) but how could anyone forget me?! Lol hah so just kidding. Well, hopefully your peas (and mine) grow to bear fruit! I loved your post, it made me laugh a lot! Good luck with everything and I hope you're doing well!



  13. I loooove peas. enjoy eating them when they get nice and ripe! And speaking of getting ripe, good luck on the 5th!!! That's the day before my b-day.

  14. lol, I love reading your posts! And I couldn't agree more...pregnancy is cute when you have a cute little shirt showing off your basketball. Not so much in the buff. And not so much when you gain 60 lbs....

  15. ha ha ha! You crack me up! And you look so adorable, you little preggo!