Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm obsessed.

Pregnancy is a strange and fickle beast.


Just kidding, I have more to say than just that.

For example, one of the things that I've noticed that is now different about me is my relationship with food. As you can imagine, if I eat something that I should not have eaten (ie. the fishsticks I had for dinner last night) my life quickly dissolves into a living H. E. Double hockey sticks. And more often than not, so far, this is the case.

HOWEVER, if I win the culinary lottery and somehow eat exactly what my body wants at the exact right time... oh, it's like a magical heaven from which I never want to leave.

Like a couple days ago I was thinking that a pickle might be nice. I struggled to open the jar for about .09 seconds, before losing my patience and giving it to my main squeeze to muscle for me. Aren't husbands great? Upon jar retrieval I pulled a nice thick wedge from it's chilly home, set it on a plate and licked my fingers.

And then I literally giggled out loud in delight because the juice tasted soooo good. That half hour of crazy pickle binging was the best I'd felt all day. It was the food of the moment.

Now I want chocolate milk.

Gallons of chocolate milk.

A pool of chocolate milk.

A chocolate milk ocean!!

I could live my life on chocolate milk. (and I just want you to know that I had to retype milk 5 times because I kept spelling it "mild". meh?)

I'm also really enjoying V8 fusion. It's got a full serving of fruits and a full serving of vegetables in each glass. That's gotta be good for something, right? In fact, I'm thinking that at this point I would go on an all liquid diet if I thought it would be healthy for me. I just want to drink stuff all the time! So good...

And that's where I'm at these days.


  1. Oh my gosh, I was obsessed with V8 Fusion for about 3 weeks! I couldn't get enough of it. Well, I had enough of it, because I can hardly choke it down anymore, so be careful and don't overdo it. I also seriously enjoyed a couple pickles the other day. Now my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Loved the post; you crack me up!

  2. I know a lovely home where you're always welcome and the Chocolate Milk is always in plenty of supply. :) (And it's 10/$10 this week at Fred Meyers)

  3. oh, food. it is the best when you're pregnant. there was a week where sandwiches were the best things in the whole world and i ate them all the time. and they WERE SO GOOD.

    and cheese. and chocolate. and enchiladas.

    i miss being pregnant and tasting so much so well. it is, by far, the best thing about growing feti in your womb.

  4. he he he. i love you.
    i wanted fatty sugar treats. all 9 months. both pregnancies.
    i got fat too. really fat. and i didn't care:)

  5. sounds like me with the food thing...

    any aversions?

  6. yeah...i was craving pickles one time...I always have to have chocolate milk when I am prego! it is so funny!

  7. I wanted pickles ONE TIME when I was pregnant and they were the same for me.... SO GOOD!!! However, Kirk still tells everyone that I always craved them, which isn't true. I did, however, always crave the chocolate milk! (And rock on with those fruits and veggies!) :)

  8. It's so funny what pregnancy does to your body! With Ty, I didn't have cravings at all, just aversions. This time, though, I have craved all sorts of bad-for-you things! The favorites have been red vines, peach rings, and recently, those Caburry mini-eggs. Ach! I have gained WAY more weight this time around. I am a blimp! Good thing that I only have 12 days left! WOOT WOOT!

  9. It's really funny how there is definately a trend in the pregnancy cravings! I didn't have them so bad, and I was rarely sick, but I Definately LOVED pickles! And I was ALWAYS constantly thirsty for milk. No chocolate milk, just milk. Drank like 4 gallons a week. ew.

  10. I always crave meat when I'm pregnant. I think we stopped by Arby's at least once a week when I was growing Abby. And Mari, that baby in your sidebar looks awfully skinny. I say ditch the V8 and go for some ice cream. :)

  11. Oh and hey, you know what's grosser than the fact that your baby is peeing inside you? Where do babies get the liquid to pee out? Wellllll, they drink amniotic fluid, of course! And then they pee it out into the amniotic fluid . . . what a lovely cycle.

  12. OK - so I would totally live on a liquid diet these days too. I am the EXACT same way as you...creepy. This has been happening a lot lately :) We went to Sweet Tomatoes (do you have those?) a salad type buffet place - THE BEST ever! Everything else is pretty much meh....except for that delicious bagel BLT that I had earlier this week. THAT my friend was a delight from the Culinary Gods!

  13. Ha ha! Yes, I hated how eating was so trial-and-error. You just have to take a chance. I remember being pregnant with Kate and I made these burritos. Typical nothing-special burritos. And after one bite, I just wanted to roll around in them. I ate like 15.

  14. When I wanted something, I REALLY WANTED IT! Like one time I craved Egg Salad for 3 days straight and I could not stop thinking about it!
    Pregnancy is so funny that way. Im surprised I didn't gain 100lbs.

  15. You are hilarious Mari, I love getting to know you better through your ingenious writing! PS, I completely agree with you about the pregnancy thing! There truly is NOTHING like it EVER! It does things to you, lots of things. Just wait til you literally start losin your marbles, giving your phone number from 5 years ago and such, not remembering your hubbys name. Well maybe not quite that bad. But anyway, I am way happy for you. It is worth EVERY second.