Friday, September 19, 2008

The end of an era

Today Tyson finished his dissertation.
Now the process of getting his dissertation completely finalized isn't quite done yet. It still needs to be reviewed by several members of the faculty and then he needs to defend it in about a month when they've all had the chance to read it, and if you think that meeting won't include doughnuts you are sorely mistaken. But the research and the writing is done! Done done done!
I'm so proud.
Here he is with his masterpiece.

And look how thick it is!

In addition to that monumental accomplishment I will be applying for graduation this weekend.

Graduation! Eeeee! We are so close to being done with school that I can't even believe it. It is going to be so strange to no longer be students. I'm excited and sad about it although I already feel like I'm transitioning out of school now that I'm student teaching. I don't really see my school friends that much and I'm only taking one class so I feel more like a teacher than a student anyway. Ooh, speaking of that I was observed for the first time this week and it went really well (yay!).

Well, I'm going to the semi-annual scrapbook expo tomorrow so I'd better get a good night's sleep so I can dig for deals.

p.s. Melissa H! I don't know your email address but I totally want to be able to get to your blog so here's my address And if anyone else wants to write to me that's totally cool too.


  1. Congratulations Tyson! Now you can spend your time playing with those lasers and making more videos.

  2. wow. that is thick. i love picturing you as a student teacher. i'm sure you are fabulous.

    congrats to you both.

    i keep thinking that if i ignore the fact that you won't be utahns forever, you might stay...

  3. hooray for the end of school! now the question is, have you read the dissertation?

  4. so exciting. PS: Unless you want a bunch of spam in your email, you should change it to look something like this marissa lowder *at* gmail (dot) com They have crazy programs that just scan sites for email addresses.