Thursday, July 31, 2008

To market to market

Last Saturday Tyson and I went to Portland's Saturday Market. And honestly, I'm just not really sure what to say about it. We didn't buy anything because it just seemed like a lot of the stuff they were selling I could probably make at home. For a lot less. The only thing I would have maybe bought would have been some photography but I just didn't need any right now. But it was totally fun to look at all the um, interesting people wandering around. As you can see in this pic it was totally packed and like 600 degrees in the middle of the crowd.
The coolest part was definitely the one armed man playing the guitar. I totally wanted to take a picture of him but I didn't want to put money in his case (I know, I'm a cheapo) and I felt bad taking his picture without giving anything back to him.
Then I decided I was going to take his picture whether he liked it or not but when we wandered back to where he was playing, he was gone. Bummer! 2 minutes later he walked right past Tyson, even brushing up against him. Still didn't get the pic but I do admire his dedication to the craft.
I also admired the dedication of a guy who made tie dye shirts all day long. We heard him describing in great detail his love of tie dye to a couple of innocent bystanders. He was really really into it. We of course slinked away inconspicuously.

Here we are at the biggest bookstore ever. Maybe. I'm not sure actually but it really was huge, I think it took up a whole city block. Tyson and I meticulously took the MAX as close as we could get and then wandered for about 5 blocks before we found the place. Then we realized we didn't need a book so we went to the bathroom and left. Awesome.

Here I am in front of Nike Town. Contrary to popular belief, however, it was not a town, just a store. We were hoping Michael Jordan would be in there or something to make it extra cool but no. Just a store. And no, we didn't buy anything here either. I was actually a little afraid to touch anything because the whole place was so pristine and perfect.

Next stop, the waterfront. And look! We bought something. Nothing like a little carl's junior to give the day a little extra somethin' special.

Don't worry, it's another shot of the two of us taken by... us.

P.S. I really wanted to go swimming. But not in that river. It was dirty. Really dirty.


  1. Nice forearms tyson in front of the book store.

  2. Hmm... yes, those forearms are rather nice, aren't they?

  3. you are hilarious as always. you two are too cute, i'm jealous of all your fun adventures!

  4. You guys look so cute. It looked like you had a really good time. We're really hoping to be there in Washington a year from now :)