Thursday, July 24, 2008

scrapbook success

Ah the joy of creating something truly beautiful and unique. It is a pleasure which has no equal.
Not that I would know anything about that.
I just
a. Copy a page I saw somewhere else.
b. Create something that is not beautiful.
c. Do nothing because I am not creative.
In those special moments when it only takes me 17 hours to create a new cute page, life is good. So here is the project I have been working on. Actually, two projects. The first 6 pages are for a mini book that I'm working on which covers last Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last page is for a book that we are putting together for Tyson's Grandma.

Can you tell that I like the distressed look? It's pretty much my favorite thing these days. If you have any suggestions of new toys and techniques that I should try let me know!


  1. Alright! You found something to do with those millions of little silver flower things! :o)

  2. Alright! You found something to do with those millions of silver flowers!! :o)

  3. why am i so confused about this comment thing...

  4. Ha ha, I know! I just figured I'd glue them all over the place and it would turn out ok. Sorry about the change in the comments. I had to make sure spammers couldn't infiltrate.

  5. Totally cute. I have been in a scrappin rut... Too busy.

  6. Mari- Just so you know, I sell Creative Memories so if you ever need anything and don't have a consultant, let me know. And, your pages DO LOOK GREAT! You are very creative :) I am a scrapbook lover too!

  7. the pages look great! i need to spend time doing my own scrapbook, you've inspired me.

  8. CUUUUUTEE. P.S. I never create on my own any more. I copy EVERYTHING. Makes life less stressful and more fun.

  9. Hey Mari these pages rock! I am very impressed. I love all the little details like the distressing. WTG.