Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Styrofoam is evil

I came downstairs the other day to find Tyson putting his grill together and Logan playing in the box. Aw, so precious.

Then I noticed Logan quickly destroying one piece of foam after another and throwing it in the air pretending it was snow. My heart clenched a little as I saw the rapidly spreading mess, but, one of my goals is to give Logan more opportunities for sensory play so why not start with this?

 I mean it's not like it would get tracked all through the house, stick to the walls and floor, wind up in our food, and become statically bonded to my hair or anything, right? Ha ha ha ha. HA.

I believe he was pretending he was in Polar Express with his train in the "snow". And his opportunities for creativity are worth any mess.


Or actually not.

This was not even half of it. 

Have you ever tried to sweep up this stuff? It is horrible. The little bits were literally jumping out of the dustpan back onto the floor. And I spent like eleven minutes trying to flick one piece off of my hand. Stupid static making me look like a spazz.

Lesson learned: no more styrofoam.  I'd rather have a house full of dirt. At least I can throw that back outside without killing the environment.

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  1. do you have a shop vac? At least you got some cute photos of it....