Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Toothpaste!

I totally extreme couponed myself into some free toothpaste! Sure it was a brand I never use and a flavor I hate, but it was free. Just kidding, it was actually Colgate which is what Tyson and I prefer, but doesn't it seem like coupons work that way sometimes? Oh, and I also got tic-tacs for free. Haven't had those since 1995 but eh, why not?

Of course I nearly negated my freeness when Logan conned me into buying a ball for him. Granted I did give it to him to distract him while I shopped, but usually he is willing to give up those types of distractions at the register. This time it was a full blown tantrum which I immediately gave into, thus securing my second nomination in a row as mother of the year.

Well, it's probably time for me to go to bed. I just got home from buying 120 servings of ice cream for our joint young women/young men activity (the teenagers in our church get together every Wednesday night and I'm in charge tomorrow) and I need to get my rest for what's probably going to turn into a crazy ice cream fight.
Here's an unrelated picture because what post would be complete without one? Logan and I took a ride on the train at the zoo a few weeks ago. He was in love.

1 comment:

  1. Cute picture!

    Good job on the toothpaste. And even getting the one you like! Booyah.
    Sometimes that's why I don't use coupons.... they're either for junk or for stuff that is nasty to me.