Monday, March 21, 2011

Logan's new hat

So I saw this pattern on Ucreate for this super cute crocheted hat.
Not the greatest picture but you get the gist, right? Buttons, a little brim, a strap, perfection. I knew it would look great on Logan.

But then.

It didn't
Annnnnd how sad is it that I took this picture while he was crying? I know. Horrible.

So the hat. It was too small and too big at the same time and the proportions were all wrong. It just looked bad.


So I did what I had to do. I took the whole thing apart and started over making modifications along the way. I purposely made it a little big hoping that he would be able to wear it for awhile and I think we found success!

Does it look like a bonnet? That thought just occurred to me as I was looking at these pictures. It's way cuter than before though!

Anyway, after I took these pictures of Logan he pulled off the hat and stuck it on my head. "Ha ha", I thought to myself, "I wonder..."

Well, one of us is getting a new hat.


  1. It's cute--but I think I actually like it better for you than for him!!

  2. I agree with Meggin. It's adorable on you! (ps I don't think you'll be able to wear it in AZ)

  3. Ahhh! So cute! I like it better on you too :)You will have to tell me how you made it tomorrow. I still haven't made a dang hat and I have all this cute yarn.

  4. Way cute, Mari. A perfect hat for you.

  5. K, now I want one! For myself!!! I love it!