Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's just call this craft week

Just because I missed craft day last week doesn't mean I haven't been crafty. I decided my kitchen needed some letters so I went forth to conquer.

First thing I did was grab a box from the top of the box pile in our garage.
 Then I let Logan play with it for a little while.
 After shooing him away and making sure he wasn't secretly hiding inside I hacked the box into 12x12 pieces.
And then...

One, two, skip a few steps... paint some letters... get too involved to take pictures... find some paper... cover cardboard... blah blah blah... this is why I'm not a craft blogger...

 I also put together those glass containers using dollar store and goodwill vases and candlesticks. Then I filled them with split peas and candles. Easy peasy!
Let's eat!


  1. Wow! That's the cutest electronic device box I've ever seen! ;)

  2. This is ridiculously crafty!! Now I'm going to feel guilty throwing away cardboard boxes just knowing that if I were as clever as you I'd be able to make something wonderful out of it! Maybe this is a slight exaggeration but you know it's going to cross my mind.

  3. Oh my goodness Mari, you are GOOD! Super cute!