Saturday, March 14, 2009

Newest additions

Well, on the heels of our little drama from the other day, look what arrived!
Now our guests will have a place to sit when they come visit. And look what else they can do!
Reclinium couchiosa!
5 recliners in one living room. It's almost too much to handle. I love recliners, they make me so happy. And so comfy. And so sleepy...
Oh! Still blogging. Anyway, just wanted to show y'all what's goin' on at the homestead!


  1. Those look great! It is so fun getting new furniture for your new home isn't it? We actually just went and bought some new couches today for our living room that will be here on Monday! Yay for new furniture! Enjoy being comfy on your couches!

  2. Love the spell! Do you think it would work on couches not already made to recline?

  3. My FIRST thought went to Friends and Joey and Chandler big black recliners.

    Congrats! Go take a long nap!

  4. L.O.V.E. I.T. You'll be glad you chose black when someday your little rug rats are carrying around markers---the markers won't show!! It sounds like you need to call Rick for a new entertainment system to enjoy while you are reclining!

  5. nice couches! Keep these updates coming... it's so fun to see what it's like to have a house! I'll never have one (since we'll be in NYC or London in a 1 bed apt for the rest of our lives)...

    and yes, Rebecca is my cousin! I can't believe that I didn't put that together before. Goodness gracious. I'll see her tomorrow and let her know!