Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's shenanagins

I love Valentine's Day. Boyfriend or not, it always seemed like a day when romance could bloom.

Of course, it never really did until 7 years ago today when I went on a first date with a shy boy who had a killer smile. The date was simple, but the sparks that flew changed the rest of my life. 

I was thinking that Valentine's Day would be a bit of a dud this year since Tyson is in scouts and they are meeting tonight. But once again, I was reminded to never underestimate my love.

He gave me flowers 5 days in a row this year giving me not just a Valentine's Day but a whole Valentine's Week. 

Since we knew he would be gone Tuesday (and who really wants to battle the Valentine's crowd anyway?) we went out to dinner Saturday night.

The food was soooo good. You may notice that not only had we started eating before I remembered to take a picture, but also that Tyson's fish is disappearing a lot faster than mine. It's because it was AMAZING. I mean, mine was good, really good, but his? Oh man. We are still talking about it. Thank goodness he was willing to share with me. If you live in the pacific northwest you need to go to Jake's Famous Crawfish and order the crab stuffed salmon immediately. It will rock your world. 

Strangely the green beans also rocked my world. They were the things I remembered about most after that incredible salmon.

So happy and satisfied.

In spite of feeling pleasantly full after our meal, when the waitress brought out the dessert tray...

we ordered half of it.

And then this happened.
So full. So happy.

Pretty sure my belly doubled in size that night.
Happy Valentine's Day lovers!

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  1. Hi! I recently discovered your blog and I love reading it! So down-to-earth and funny. It helps me notice (and look forward to) more of the good parts of mommyhood. I'm gathering that you like to craft, so I was wondering if you made the wreath on the door. It's so cute and I would love to have one like it. (Hope this random stranger comment isn't too weird.) Thanks for writing!