Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chef Boy-oh-boy

I knew I would regret it.

I knew I would hate it.

I knew I never should have done it.

But for some reason I couldn't resist...
Lasagna in a can.


And as I sit here pondering the consequences of what I've done, each hiccup reminding me of my
transgression, each breath a testament to my faults, I can't help but think...

Maybe the spaghetti is better?
(Oh, and to show what a good wife I am, Tyson, the leftovers are in the fridge for you ;o))


  1. Friend! I'm so excited! Welcome to blogging! I love your name just me and t. Lol. That's cute.

  2. Yum Yum! At least there are no onions in it (at least that you can taste, lol!) Glad you are blogging, can't wait to read more. Love MOM

  3. Hey mari-welcome to bloggy land! So glad you are here-you are marked as a favorite now. And happy happy birthday to Tyson-who had the good sense to be born on my wedding anniversary. Love ya!
    Your auntie....

    P.S. My kids LOVE Spagettios with meatballs-it's a definite in my food storage.....it's a different brand than that nasty stuff...

  4. Word to the wise, AVOID anything that comes in a bright red can!! Guess you got sucked into the blog thing too eh? Well, it takes up way too much time, and you have to keep it updated, and people get annoyed when you don't update-so they bug you until you update it... But, other than that, it is pretty fun!! :) Glad you decided to join us all!

  5. Mari!!
    Welcome blogging friend! I can already see you blog is going to be a favorite...you have a way with words! (hilarious!) & yeah, I totally get the temptation & then the consequences of that yucky noodley stuff. LOL!

  6. As a kid I remember these tasting good. I tried them again recently as an adult when Gabe wanted some. All I can say is what was I thinking as a child? Truth in the saying "Your taste buds mature."

    Mari your a dear brave soul.

  7. Mari, I love your sense of humor. Your posts always have me laughing, because they totally sound like something I would do!