Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm bored.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. And because I am bored this will inevitably be a boring post therefore it is optional for you to read. I'll let you decide. I was just in the mood to write something.

Things have actually been going ok in spite of Tyson not being here. I still haven't found that hideous moth that scared me the other day so I have to concede that it may have been a figment of my imagination. I just didn't think I was that desperate for companionship. You think I would have imagined a puppy or a pony or something more cuddly.

I took the praxis today. It is a test that all educators have to take before they can teach and they have a bunch of different ones depending on which content area you are in. Well let me tell you what. If there was ever anything to make you feel like your 7 years in college were a waste of time where the only thing you gained was 10 lbs, this was it. I pretty much felt like I knew nothing, but after thinking about it for awhile there were a lot of questions that I think I answered correctly. It was way hard though. But at least it's over! Now I can stop worrying about it for awhile!!

I have also contacted every girl I know and have had fabulous lunch and movie dates with them. Thanks for keeping me company ladies!

Well, I think it's time for me to give myself a pedicure so my toesies look cute for church in some summer sandals but first I have a few questions that have been plaguing me these last few days.

Why won't the predictive texter on my cell phone allow me to spell such things as "lol", "blog", "ttyl", "idk", or "Tyson"? These are (perhaps with the exception of Tyson) words that the cell phone invented! Why won't mine do it?

Why do these bottles have to look so much alike? I live in constant fear that I will deposit the contents of the wrong one on my head.

How old is too old to work at Wendy's? I went through the drive-thru the other day and a very pleasant man greeted me over the intercom. When I pulled up to window 1 I found that he had to be at least 65. I was shocked if you want to know the truth. And then I pulled up to window 2 and found what I could only presume to be his better half giving me my food. You know, my personal preference would be to not work there, but they seemed happy. More power to them!

Well, thanks for letting me talk!



  1. Mari, how long is Tyson gone? That must be seriously hard! I hope that you are holding up ok :). About the moth--can I just tell you that I hate them, too! Once, one flew into my cousin's ear and it stayed alive in there for a couple of DAYS! He didn't want to go to the hospital to get it out, but he finally had to when it died in there. Is that the most disgusting thing you have ever heard or what?

  2. your "boring" blog gave me a good chuckle. hope you're not too lonely!

  3. Hi my love. Hopefully the moth didn't fly into your ear and die there. But maybe that is why you can't find it. Please don't put the hair remover on your head. That would be most unfortunate, but I would still love you. Hope you are not too bored today. Love you.

  4. you're too funny. you should try the ece praxis. it was sooo easy! when my cohort took it, it was worth about 180 points and someone got like 179. I think I got 172. I am sure you rocked it!

  5. Eww meggin! That is sick! Your poor cousin! I will be going up to Washington June 25 after taking Adam to the MTC and I'll stay there until the beginning of August. I'm counting down the days!

  6. One benefit we have all been receiving since Tyson has left is that your blogs are frequent and fun! Love you -- hang in there!

  7. I'm glad to see that you are surviving husbandless even though you are bored! Suzi and I thought it would be fun to come over and watch a movie or something!? If you're up for it and not too busy...